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Types of Products We Sell & Additional Requests

We aim to be the ultimate destination for all of your green product needs, from baby, beauty and pet products to household goods, decor and more. Everything we sell is listed on the website and organized by category.

We welcome additional suggestions of products and brands you would like us to carry. Just call us at 1-888-202-VINE (1-888-202-8463) or email us at customercare@vinemarket.com .

How do I know I can trust the product claims on your site?

Before we carry a product, we review the description provided by the vendor to determine that its materials and ingredients are organic, natural or made mostly from sustainable materials, or that the product is energy efficient, water efficient, reusable, designed to remove toxins or powered by renewable energy.

Qualifying products must be at least one of the following:

1. Made from Sustainable Materials
2. Energy Efficient
3. Natural
4. Organic
5. Designed to Purify
6. Powered by Renewable Energy
7. Reusable
8. Water Efficient

For more detailed information, please read The Vine Market Standard .